Anterior Plate System

Anterior Plate System HERO®


The anterior cervical plate system HERO® provides stability to the cervical spine from C2 to C7 following anterior-cervical spine fusion procedures.

The Expansion Screws provides excellent purchase with monocortical anchorage even in cases with poor bone stock.

HERO®-plates have a big viewing window. Therfore surgeon has a really good view to bone grafts, vertebral bodies and endplates.

The anteriore, cervical plate system HERO® can be used either with expandable or with stabile screws or with a combination of both screw types (hybrid).

The instruments are extremely clear arranged and ergonomic. For a individual adaption to the different surgical situations, there are integrated a lot of unique features.
Multilateral Implants

- Selfdrilling, selftapping and extra long screws
- Different drilling hole and drilling guide options
- Mono- und polysegmental plates
- Expansion-Screws
- Colourcoded screws

Ergonomic Instruments

- Various drilling supports
- Onehandle drilling templates
- Various options for preparing screw fits
- Simple but smart instruments
- Only one container

Picture gallery HERO®

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