Cervical interbody fusion

Interbody Device System TRISTAN®


TRISTAN® is an intelligent and through its instrumentarium a highly efficient interbody device system, making it a widely recognized product line for cervical indications. It enables the surgeon to achieve enhanced precision with fast and reliable implantation.

The use of TRISTAN® is through anterior access and cervical discectomy and offers the following outstanding product-specific benefits:

- Geometry analogue to anatomy in cross-section and sagittal profile
- Generous support surface → reduced risk of migration

- Antegrade toothing for stable anchoring
- Cranial convex bearing surfaces for safe and permanent seating accuracy

- Large opening for filling for a quick merger
- Internal running groove keeps the filling material in the cage and increases the filling volume

by free choice from 3 materials:

• Titanium
Titanium has emerged as a particularly biocompatible and accordingly modifiable metal. It has been proven that osseointegration is favored by the surface oxide of the titanium materials, which is only a few nanometers thick.

Our PEEK material is tested to ISO 10993, classified to USP-VI. The material has a high biocompatibility and is characterized by a bone-like elasticity. Another advantage is the absense of artifacts of the material.

The titanium coating, which provides an optimal basis for its balance between pore depth, porosity and roughness, proves to be ideal for docking bone cells to the implant. Titanium's osseointegrative properties allow the bone to attach directly to the implant.

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