Cervical interbody fusion

Interbody Device System TRISTAN® S


TRISTAN®S is an intelligent and through its instrumentarium a highly efficient interbody device system, making it a widely recognized product line for cervical indications. It enables the surgeon to achieve enhanced precision with fast and reliable implantation.

The use of TRISTAN®S is through anterior access and cervical discectomy and offers the following outstanding product-specific benefits:

- Geometry analogue to anatomy in cross-section and sagittal profile
- Generous support surface → reduced risk of migration

- Antegrade toothing for stable anchoring with additional spikes for optimal primary fixation
- Cranial convex bearing surfaces for safe and permanent seating accuracy

- Large opening for filling for a quick merger
- Internal running groove keeps the filling material in the cage and increases the filling volume

Picture gallery TRISTAN® S

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