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Cervical interbody fusion

Interbody Device System TRISTAN®flex

TRISTAN®flex is an intelligent and, by virtue of its associated instruments, highly rational interbody device system.
TRISTAN®flex is an extension of the existing Tristan system. Thanks to its expansion mechanism, the TRISTAN®flex allows the surgeon greater precision in the restoration of the natural lordosis of the spine, for which the angulation can be set individually in situ for each patient.
The TRISTAN®flex system is inserted via an anterior access and cervical discectomy and offers the following exceptional product-specific advantages:

• Geometry is identical to the patient’s own sectional anatomy with flat base plate and convex cover plate
• Adjustable angulation (5°-10°) for direct reconstruction of the sagittal profile in situ
• Generous contact surface → reduced risk of migration

• Antegrade toothing for stable anchorage with additional spikes for optimum primary fixation (standalone)
• Latch mechanism to secure the selected angulation
• Secure connection to the insertion instrument via a clamping mechanism

• Filling aperture for rapid fusion

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