Thoracolumbar Fixation

Rod Fixation System VENUS®


The VENUS® Spinal Fixation System is designed to address all thoracolumbar needs for a wide range of indications such as degenerative disc disease, degenerative spondylolisthesys, degenerative stenosis, scoliosis, kyphosis, spinal fractures, and spondylitis, as well as other conditions that need revision surgery.

Throughout the design process, simplicity in design, ease of implantation, and reliability in performance were emphasized without sacrificing the various options we wish to provide for the operating spinal surgeon.

The VENUS® System is an accommodating system. It offers the choice of inserting a standard monoaxial bone screw, polyaxial bone screw, a long head reduction screw or hooks in a huge variation in the modular fashion.

Our flexibility and the quality instruments we provide allow a controlled, predictable and also a percutaneous assembly.

The mechanically streamlined features of the VENUS® System reduce obstacles, increase viewing area and facilitate unobstructed insertion for thorough interbody device placement.

With its reliable, accommodating and streamlined features, the VENUS® Spinal Fixation System is a durable and secure system which is easy to assemble.
6T Screw

The main feature of 6T pedicle screws is the thread design of the screw shaft. The thread is divided into a cancellous thread on the lower section and a cortical thread on the upper section of the screw shaft. The two deeper threads on the lower section give a better hold in cancellous bone.
The cortical thread is designed as a four-ridge thread to improve the primary stability in the cortical bones and in the pedicle area.
The increased central diameter in the four-ridge thread section prevents
postoperative loosening through ongoing physical pressure on the screw.
The forces in this area are distributed across a greater circumference.
Conical thread sections allow easy insertion with increased primary stability.
The surfaces at the implant thread are treated in a special procedure.
This leads to improved ingrowth behaviour of the bone on the
screw and to a shortening of osseointegration time.
The 6T pedicle screws are available for individual use and come in four different

• Polyaxial screw
• Polyaxial screw, augmentable
• Long headed screws
• Revision screws with a large diameter

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