Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion

System Adonis®-TLIF


The TLIF technique works with an unilateral access to the intervertebral disc space through the foramen intervertebralis. Thus, the TLIF procedure provides for a unilateral posterior approach to a „360 °“ fusion, which offers the following advantages against the PLIF technique:

• unilateral facet resection
• Preservation of the vertebral arch
• Preservation of the contralateral facet
• Minimal retraction of the dura
• Less risk of intradural scarring
• Revision strategy - only unilateral scarring

ADONIS®-TLIF is an intelligent - and by virtue of the associated set of instruments - highly rational interbody device system and is a widely accepted product line offering the following decisive advantages:

• Geometry comparable with the patient‘s own sectional and sagittal anatomy
• Generous contact surface - reduced risk of migration

• Antegrade toothing for stable anchorage (not in all versions)
• Cranial convex contact surfaces for secure, permanent and high precision seating
• Significantly increased extraction forces
• Extremely high friction coefficient

• Large filling aperture for rapid fusion (not in all versions)
• Internal annular groove holds the filling material in the cage and
increases the filling volume

Due to free choice among 3 materials:

• Titanium
The metal titanium has proved itself to be especially bio-tolerable and correspondingly modifiable. It has been proven that the various reactions of human cells are only caused by the oxidised surface layer of titanium materials, which is only a few nanometres thick.

Our PEEK material has been tested as per ISO 10993, classified according to US P-VI, and FDA Device and Drug Master Files are available.

• PEEK titanium-coated
The titanium coating which, due to the balance between pore depth, porosity and roughness, affords an optimum substrate, has proven to be ideal for the docking of bone cells in the implant. The osteoinductive properties of titanium encourage bone to take root directly on the implant.

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