Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion

System Adonis®-PLIF


ADONIS®-PLIF cages are indicated for posterior lumbar vertebral body fusion. The implants are designed to be perfectly adapted to the anatomy of vertebral bodies in order to re-establish lordosis for reliable normalisation
of the alignment of the spinal column and to provide stability and optimum conditions for fusion with the following indications:

• herniated discs
• calcified herniated discs
• mechanical instabilities
• calcification of the posterior longitudinal ligament
• osteochondrosis
• spinal canal stenosis

ADONIS®-PLIF is an intelligent - and by virtue of the associated set of instruments - highly rational interbody device system and is a widely accepted product line offering the following decisive advantages:

• Geometry comparable with the patient‘s own sectional and sagittal anatomy
• Generous contact surface - reduced risk of migration

• Antegrade toothing for stable anchorage (not in all versions)
• Cranial convex contact surfaces for secure, permanent and high precision seating
• Significantly increased extraction forces
• Extremely high friction coefficient

• Large filling aperture for rapid fusion (not in all versions)
• Internal annular groove holds the filling material in the cage and
increases the filling volume

Due to free choice among 2 materials:

• Titanium
The metal titanium has proved itself to be especially bio-tolerable and correspondingly modifiable. It has been proven that the various reactions of human cells are only caused by the oxidised surface layer of titanium materials, which is only a few nanometres thick.

Our PEEK material has been tested as per ISO 10993, classified according to US P-VI, and FDA Device and Drug Master Files are available.

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