Ventral Derotation Spondylodesis

Rod Fixation System VENUS®nano VDS


The VENUS®nano VDS was developed for use in the area of the thoracic spine in children and adults. Its main areas of application are deformities in the area of the thoracic spine. It may be used mono-segmentally as well as multi-segmentally. This system stands out due its high degree of mechanical stability and user-friendliness; the instruments, which have been developed with specialists, enable minimally-invasive access to the anterior region by means of its optimum angulation, even in the case of long-segment treatments.

Implants for Primary Fusion and Revision Surgery


The VENUS®nano VDS is extremely well suited for the treatment of scoliosis and helps to prevent the crankshaft phenomenon in young patients by means of this intervention. It is suitable for both single-rod and double-rod treatments. The special instruments take into consideration the anatomical situation so the surgeon can work in an uncomplicated and minimallyinvasive manner.

We develop and produce all our implants and instruments in Germany, and will continue to do so. To us, Made in Germany is a special quality label, one which we are proud of. Our HumanTech expert team operates all over the world. Solid market analysis and active, renowned surgeons provide us with the know-how for our development and production processes.

The perfectly crafted VENUS®nano VDS implant and instrument system meets every requirement when it comes to style, stability, handling, aesthetics and quality, and conforms to the highest international standards. With the specially developed thread design, the screws can be introduced incredibly gently and are capable of withstanding maximum loading. The instruments are highly ergonomic, winning users over with their ease of use.

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