Anterior Interbody Fusion

Expandable Vertebral Body Replacement SAMSON®


SAMSON® is an expandable vertebral body replacement system which is used for the anterior stabilisation of the spinal column, from the upper thoracic to the lower lumbar sections. The system is used to replace vertebral bodies in cases of cancerous, inflammatory and traumatic diseases which lead to instabilities around the anterior support or compression of the neural structures, or for diseases which require treatment of an infection.

The SAMSON® system has been designed for use with an additional dorsal (e.g. VENUS®) and a ventral fixation system (e.g. VENUSnano). The system offers a range of different dimensions for both implant base units and endplates, making it possible to perform adaptations which take into account the unique anatomy of each individual patient.

All components of the SAMSON® vertebral body replacement system are manufactured using titanium alloy Ti6AI4V, which has been a tried and tested material for many years in the field of implantology.

The clear and ergonomically configured instruments have been logically designed to meet the requirements of the surgeon.
With its special features, SAMSON® offers outstanding product-specific advantages:


• A convex endplate profile which is identical to the patient’s own sectional anatomy
• Endplates with a generous contact surface – reduced risk of migration
• Stepless expansion
• All common access methods possible


• Pyramid-shaped tooth profile for primary fixation of the endplates
• Rotation-proof connection of the endplates on the implant base unit
• Stable expansion mechanism – no skipping


• Optimum adaptability to patient anatomy
• A range of different base unit heights
• Various freely combinable endplate widths and angulations



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