Thoracolumbar minimally-invasive Fixation


Rod Fixation System VENUS®mini


The VENUS®mini pedicle screw fixation system allows minimally invasive, percutaneous correction and stabilisation of the spine and is the logical further development of the innovative design properties of the standard screw system.

It facilitates accurate positioning of the pedicle screws. The screw head holders are fixed to the screw heads and thus permit uncomplicated, safe guidance during implantation. The rod holder provides full control and reliable insertion of the rod into the correct position.

Simple compression, distraction and reduction/reposition expand the variability and intraoperative flexibility.

The instrumentation is extremely concise and ergonomic. It is a consequently adapted cannulated instrumentation that allows the insertion of the implants through a very small incision, guided by K-wires and special instruments for percutaneous applications.

This allows the surgeon to dissect the area safely and atraumatically as well as efficient and stable guidance of the instrumentation, protecting the ligaments and muscles.

- Safe positioning of the rod through the guidance hole in the head holders
- Comprehensive options for reposition without enlargement of the incision
- Integrated reposition thread for easy manoeuvring of the rod

- Minimal muscle trauma due to true percutaneous technique
- Self-tapping threads without traumatising cutting flutes

- Colour-coded screws
- Concise and simple instrumentation

- Load-optimised screw shaft design
- Extension and rod holder can resist the forces required to correct deformitie

- Versatile application and techniques
- Large selection of implants
- Different spinal segments
- Optimum adaptability to anatomy
- Can be combined with all VENUS® implants
- Numerous rod options for different lengths

Four product-specific advantages


- No additional incition for implanting the rods
- Pullout-resistance of the screw head holder > 400N
- Assembly of the screw head holders (i.e. at revisions) in situ possible
- Easy disassembly of the rod inserter even at disadvantageous anatomical space conditions

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