Overview of the cervical product systems:

The Anterior Plate System HERO

The anterior cervical plate system HERO® provides stability to the cervical spine from C2 to C7 following anterior-cervical spine fusion procedures.

The Interbody Device System TRISTAN

TRISTAN® is an intelligent interbody device system made highly efficient by its instrumentation, representing a universally acknowledged product line for cervical indications. It opens up scope for the surgeon to achieve extreme precision combined with fast, safe implantation.

This makes TRISTAN® the safe, efficient choice for interbody fusion.

TRISTAN® therefore is the safe and efficient choice for the interbody fusion.

The implantation of TRISTAN®S is made through an anterior access and cervical discectomy.

TRISTAN®flex is an extension of the existing Tristan system. TRISTAN®flex enables the surgeon an extended precision in the realignment of the natural lordosis through its expansion mechanism, as the angulation can be adjusted in situ individually for each patient.