VENUS® Augmentation

The HumanTech® Cement Application consists of the bone filler, which is used by the standardised Luer lock connection with the cement holders of the most common systems in kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty both openly and also percutaneously, the cement adapter CPS, the cement adapter inserter, the cement adapter extractor and the bone cement OSTEOPAL®plus.

The cement application provided in the VENUS® and VENUS® mini Kit is used in conjunction with the large selection of fenestrated VENUS® Screws, multi-threaded osteoporosis screws (VENUS® 6T Screws) and VENUS® Revision Screws.

The special cement adaptors ensure problem-free injection of the cement if the bone substance is poor.
OSTEOPAL®plus Bone Cement represents an ideal supplement, as this has an optimal consistency for application with the bone filler and exhibits a greater X-ray opacity for checks than other products due to the high content of ZrO2.

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