Bone Graft Substitute i-FACTOR™


i-FACTOR™ is the only bone graft substitute on the market that binds a small, synthetically produced peptide (P-15) to an inorganic bone mineral (ABM). This unique ABM/P-15 combination acts as a binding link for osteogenic cells. This novel mechanism of action increases the body’s natural bone healing process and thus leads to reliable, predictable bone formation.

Inorganic bone graft substitute (ABM):

A component of the biological i-FACTOR™ bone graft substitute is an inorganic bone mineral. ABM particles are a natural form of hydroyxlapatite [Ca10(PO4)6OH2], which contain crystal lattice structures. ABM provides an ideal scaffolding for bone growth thanks to its:


It comprises natural bone mineral made of calcium phosphate.


It is capable of effective cell-mediated resorption.


After processing, ABM shows a high affinity and a high absorption capacity for binding the P-15 protein segment.

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